Where is your life heading? Are you on your chosen path?

Gain Immense Clarity And Start Living A Balanced Life Of Purpose

Break the old programming that’s not serving you.

Get the unique life formula to create sustainable change for a balanced life

Slow down!

Where are you going?

You can spend your whole life running towards something, but without clarity on what you really want and balance in your life, no achievement or accolade will satisfy you.

You’re waking up to the reality that you’re missing your kids’ lives.
You’re disconnected from your wife. You’re unhappy.
Enough is enough. What are you on this planet to do?

Find clarity, confidence, and courage to be the real you.

Want to hear something great? You don’t have to feel trapped anymore. There is no need to pretend to be happy. You can live a balanced life you love. 

The VMP Program is an 8-part life formula that will help you understand who you are inside and out, gaining immense clarity on your purpose. 

You no longer have to compromise. You just need to take that first step.

For decades I thought my job was my purpose followed by my family. I wasn't happy when I got challenged on that. Now m really grateful that I did. My life is exponentially better and more fulfilling today because I took this course.

Jerry C

St Louis, MO

Ian Lobas

I’ve been there. I’ve got you.

Meet Head Coach, Ian Lobas

Trust me when I say I understand what you’re going through. I worked hard to be the provider, earn good money, and be a successful man.

I was so driven by what I thought the world was telling me I should be, I wasn’t paying attention. Not to my wife, my kids, and even more importantly, I wasn’t paying attention to myself.

The definitive moment was when my wife said she’d had enough and would leave. I realized how unhappy I was. And how that unhappiness and imbalance were affecting my family.

If I wanted to live a balanced life that made me truly happy, I needed to figure out my purpose.

I embarked on an intense period of self-development. I learned about the human psyche and absorbed all I could.

I discovered that to be truly happy, and to live a life with no regrets, you need to know the vision for your life, the mission that you’re on, and who you need to be to accomplish that.

All those things will give you your purpose, and from there, you can start really living.

From my journey and what I learned, I created the VMP Program to help you find immense clarity in your purpose.

This structured program will rid you of the bad habits and mindsets that no longer serve you. It will give you clarity, confidence, and courage to execute sustainable change.

The VMP Program:

Vision + Mission + Person = Purpose

The VMP Program is an 8-part life formula to help you break old habits and discover who you really are.

When you’re running towards a goal, such as creating a passive income and having money in your bank, the reality is that when you get there, the disconnect with your life that you’ve created along the way will still be there.

You still won’t know how to connect with your wife or be there for your kids. You’ll still pick up the phone to work because those habits are ingrained.

The VMP Program is structured to help you change the habits and mindsets that aren’t serving you.

In this program, you’ll gain immense clarity on who you want to be and the direction you want for your life.

By the end of the VMP Program, you'll understand:

Where you’re going
How to get there
How long it’s going to take
Who you need to be to get there

Highly effective, not easy. You really have to put in the work and I can assure you its worth it. Many times I wanted to quit and the support of Ian and the team kept me going. I recommend this to any guy looking to find that missing part of him and start living his life on purpose.

Mike U

San Diego, CA

A Purpose-Driven Formula for Sustainable Change

What is the VMP Program?

01. Self-Paced Program

Access anytime, anywhere.

06. Clarity, Confidence & Courage

To follow your true path in life.

05. Sustainable Change

Change that is permanent.

02. Easy to Understand

The formula is simple.

03. Structured Steps

To keep you on track.

04. Practical Exercises

To ensure sustainable change.

Your Purpose on this Planet

Is bigger than being a husband, a father, and earning money.

By the end of this program, you’ll know what is possible for yourself and the world through you. You’ll fully understand who you are and why you’re here.

Understand Your Vision
The Mission You're On
The Person You Need to Be
Discover Your Purpose

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  • Self-guided video program
  • Compact and easy to understand
  • Structured steps to work through
  • Exercises to ensure sustainable change
  • The clarity, confidence, and courage to follow your true path in life
  • Lifetime access

I never understood why I wasn't happy with my life. Successful in business and great family. But the deeper I looked at my life, the more it began to crumble. Then I was introduced to Ian through his podcast and really felt that the VMP course was exactly what I needed. It was and now so much in my life has changed for the better.

Aldo P

Dallas, TX

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes this program different?

The VMP Program has given you a structured and supportive approach to making sustainable change. You won’t slip back into old ways. This isn’t a short-term fix. This is a real change for life.

How long before I start seeing results?

Immediately. When you start to lift the blinkers, you’ll instantly start to see everything more clearly.

When can I start?

This is a self-guided program, so you can start at any time.

Do I have to complete this in 6 weeks?

Life happens, so if this takes you longer than 6 weeks, that’s OK. However, those excuses are not going away. We encourage you to commit to getting this done in the time period.

What if I need support?

You can reach out to our team any time, and we’ll be happy to help.

What does it mean to be a Man on Purpose?

A true Man on Purpose is completely free of internal restriction and regret.

A true Man on Purpose knows his priorities and isn’t afraid to take a stand for them.

A man who doesn’t run from his past and understands his legacy is more than just money and things. It is about who he is in every moment.

A true Man on Purpose is a leader in his community, values moments, memories and experiences with his family, and takes great care of himself.

A true Man on Purpose has it all…


Are you ready to get clarity on your vision of life, your mission, and the person you need to be?

It’s time to discover your purpose.