Charles W. 
Real Estate Agent/Investor

I was super focused on my business to provide for my family that it took time away from the family. Like Ian talks about, I was really scared to not be a high level provider. Then my wife moved out and my life was at a standstill. I joined the mastermind because it just felt right and I knew I needed to change. I am happy to report that my wife came back and our marriage is the best its ever been because I am different than I have ever been. Thanks guys!

Barry C
TV & Film Producer

My marriage was the last thing on my mind. Work was so stressful and consumed so much of my time. I thought that buying gifts, fancy restaurants and big vacations were what mattered. After I joined the mastermind program, I realized how many little things were missing, why my wife as always mad at me and how much the little things added up. Game changer! Didn’t really think I could ever be truly happy in my marriage. I was wrong. Complete turn around and I am loving my life at home!