Evolve The Man Mastermind

Become The Husband, Father, And Leader You Dream Of Being. Without Compromise.

Same Man. New Habits. New Skills, Better Mindset. You’re Just One Step Away From Becoming The Best Version Of You.

We empower you with the Clarity, Confidence & Courage to execute your plan.
You Get the Structure, Strategy & Support you Need to Reignite Your Marriage & Live Your Ideal Life By Becoming An Irreplaceable Man & Husband you know you are capable of being.

Why choose Evolve The Man Mastermind?


  • ✅ Formulas to get Clarity, Confidence & Courage to operate as the authentic, Irreplaceable You. 
  • ✅ Make Yourself A Priority
  • ✅ Learn to Trust Yourself and Rebuild the Trust with Your Wife
  • ✅ Learn to Communicate effectively and advocate for yourself powerfully


  • ✅ Systems, Structure, Support & Strategy to own your path forward.
  • ✅ Establish Consistency in your actions and results. 
  • ✅ Get clarity on your life's mission & purpose


  • ✅ Understand your feelings and regulate your emotions 
  • ✅ Create systems for yourself and at home that serve you and your family 
  • ✅ Build unrelenting confidence & courage in who you are, what you can create and how you execute your plan.  


  • ✅ Build consistency in your actions & results
  • ✅ Learn difference between What you are doing Doing & who you are Being
  • ✅ Honor your commitments & have integrity to your word 
  • ✅ Clear & heal the past & childhood trauma, programming and conditioning


  • ✅ End Self Sabotage cycles and non serving habits & addictions
  • ✅ Develop your language patterns to speak in serving ways that get you what you want and leave others feeling heard, seen & appreciated. 
  • ✅ Set clear, definable, measurable goals to Counterbalance home and work


  • ✅ Set proper Boundaries and Expectations
  • ✅ End the need for External Validation & Empower Internal Acceptance.
  • ✅ Understand yourself better, reset & get traction quickly
  • ✅ Become the best version of you possible

Stuck On A Treadmill Of Self Destruction & Sabotoge?

How can you be on top of your work game yet fall short as a husband and father? Somehow, your success as a high-level businessman isn’t transferring to family life.

Wrapped up with providing for your family and putting everyone else first, you’ve lost sight of the true connection you should be embracing. Instead, you’re on a journey of self-sabotage and an innevitble future if you dont course correct NOW. You’re allowing yourself to become replaceable. And you’re trapped in this pattern of avoiding your reality.  The Life you want is possible. You just have to commit to doing the work!

Find Your Clarity, Confidence And Courage

What if I told you, you CAN have it all; the job, the wife, the kids, the time and the money? All without compromise. One not suffering at the success of the other.  

How would your life look and feel if you stopped hiding, stopped running, stopped avoiding and escaping. If you stopped coping? If you interrupted the patterns keeping you stuck? What if you had the structure and support to let go of the past programming and events, resentment and regret. How would it feel to know your wife valued you as more than just a paycheck, but as a lover, a friend, a partner? Someone she trusts fully and loves unconditionally?

No one can make this happen for you. It’s up to you to lead from within. Find true clarity, build confidence, and find the courage to make it happen. 

In our 12-week Evolve The Man Mastermind, we give you the mindset skills and habits to break the old formula, and evolve into the authentic, irreplaceable you. 

Lose It All Or Become The Man You Needed To Be

Meet Head Coach, Ian Lobas

Ian Lobas

I’m no stranger to business success. I became a top real estate producer and was crushing it! If you simply measured a man by his job, I was sizable. 

However, I was massively failing when it came to my home life. I was working six to seven days a week. My health was suffering, and my marriage was falling apart. 

I was so wrapped up in believing I was providing for my family because I was working hard and making good money, I failed to see I was lacking in my role as a husband and father. 

My wife had had enough. I had a choice. Lose my family, or take control of my life and make a change. 

I was not going to be replaceable. 

I embarked on an intense period of self-development. I learned about the human psyche and absorbed all I could.

I transformed. I became the best husband, best dad, and best friend I could be. 

I now live a life I love, doing the things I love, surrounded by the ones I love. 

I have been to the bottom and risen back to the top. 

I developed this 12-week Discover & Design Mastermind program to empower you to do the same.  

"I have always put others before myself. That was my job as a provider. What I learned in the Mastermind was that I had to put myself first in order to be the best husband and dad I could be. I am so grateful for MOP for teaching me that I was important and mattered beyond my job or the money I provide."

David T .


 "I have worked with coaches in the past. They really only could help in one or 2 areas. When I started with Ian, I was immediately impressed with how fast he could diagnose so many areas of my life and connect the patterns and get me to open up. Kind of like a drill instructor but got very vulnerable with me and is really compassionate. He helped me see what I needed & guided me through. Love coaching with Ian. My business, love life and way I think about myself have all improved dramatically. I literally want to coach with Ian forever!!"

Levi B.

Stock Broker

"I must admit I was skeptical at first. Ian comes with so much energy and passion, I thought he may be full of it. I told him I was doubtful & he offered a free discovery call and I took him up on it. I was blown away by his structure and ability to make me feel so comfortable and get deep fast.I was also impressed by the way he uses formulas for everything to take the emotions out of your decisions allowing them to be made easier and course correct faster. Im a full believer and dont ever want to leave the MOP coaching world."

George U.

Celebrity Personal Trainer & Actor

"Life Grows to the Extent You Do. Make It Limitless!"

The Discovery & Design Mastermind will help you align your vision, get clear on your mission, and show you how to become the person you want to be. 

The formula you’ll learn will give you the tools & mindset to live a life of purpose on purpose. 

Only YOU can change your life for the better. To become the man you want to be and feel empowered in the key areas of your life, we call our 5 purpose pillars.

Our 5 Purpose Pillars:


It all starts with you. Only you can show up and take responsibility for your life. You have the choice to change, to say goodbye to the old you and build a life with no regrets.


You made a commitment when you married her, so why isn’t she getting the best of you? It’s time to show up fully. You can have more than a marriage, you can have a partnership.


No one regrets spending too much time with their kids, plenty regret not being there. This is your time to be the father you want to be and who your kids need you to be.


If you want it all, the career, the family, the best life. You need to learn how to balance your relationship with your career and money, and the relationship with yourself and your family.

Discovery and Design Mastermind

Would you like to make a change and leave a lasting legacy within your community? Become a Man On Purpose and discover how you can truly serve your community.

The choice is yours. Your life is yours. Are you ready to take control of it?


"Ian is definitely high level. When it comes to coaching, he doesn't play around. When he says its his mission, he means it. The guy lives this stuff like no other coach I have ever worked with. Would recommend to anyone who needs a top level coach to get themselves really dialed in. Because of the work with Ian, I learned how to live my life on purpose and no longer live with regret."

Chris T - Aeronautical Engineer

Dial In A New Formula & Become A Man On Purpose

What is the Discovery & Design Mastermind?

Using our purpose-driven formula, we’ll get to the core of what’s not working and what’s holding you back, giving you the skills and mindset to end self-sabotage and reveal your true authentic self. 

The Mastermind is led by coaches who have been in your shoes and continue to use this work. We’ll give you a roadmap that will create sustainable changes and transformation. 

This isn’t a quick fix that sees your old ways returning within a couple of weeks. This is a tried and tested formula for long-term, life-changing results. 


Our blueprint to a life with no regrets


You’ll work through a series of exercises and a framework designed to illuminate your goals in our 5 purpose pillars: Self, Spouse, Kids, Career, Community.


Next, we guide you through eliminating old patterns, re-programming old behaviours and beliefs that have been holding you back. We’ll help you create a blank canvas to design your ideal life.


We calibrate your new formula and how to implement it into your life so you can achieve your goals, realise your dreams, and create your legacy.


Now you have your formula, you’ll be able to say goodbye to the struggle and start living and loving your life.

"I was working a job I hated and living a life where I felt like I was on a never-ending merry go round. I will admit I was scared but Ian encouraged me and really brought out the desire in me to quit my job and start my own business. I have done everything MOP offers from One on One to group and retreats. Starting a business isn't a cakewalk but I am so glad I did this. I am beginning to live & love the life I always dreamed of."

Nick G.

Musician & Real Estate Investor

"The guy is a full spectrum of what you need. He will push you, challenge you, be abrasive, harsh, loving and sit with you and cry. He meets you where you are and you can tell he loves what he does. I loved all of his exercises for the different things I was going through. Highly recommend him and have to many friends."

Hugh M.

Real Estate Broker

"I thought that having coaching certifications mattered. I ended up coaching with several different people at big-name organizations. Man was I wrong. Certifications are only as good as the paper they are printed on if the coach takes their lessons from a playbook. That's what I experienced with some of these other "coaches". They lacked experience. Ian definitely knows his stuff and has learned from some of the best in the business as well as his own experiences in his own life. That's the biggest piece. I highly recommend coaching with Ian."

Harold C.

College Proessor

Results Men Are Getting With Us...

Imagine what is possible for you, when you BE, DO, HAVE:

Eliminate Self Sabotage/Get out of your own way

Find & Align with your True Purpose

Clarity & Alignment with life & biz goals

Solidify Strong, Sustainable Marriage & Relationships

Eliminate Past Resentment & regret

Heal past trauma

Courageous self advocating

Inner Peace: Understanding your emotions & feelings

Discipline Calibrated Purposefully

Live a Regret Free Life

Realize your fullest potential

Be a Purposeful Father & role model for your kids

Confident Self Image

Empowered Self Love/Care/Trust

Rediscover a Passion for Life

Break Free of self-imposed limitation

Live with Courage, Confidence and Clarity

Limitless Abundance of Options & Opportunities

Increase in energy & vitality

Manifestation of more money & success

Improved & effective communication

Overwhelming Joy & Fulfillment

Break Free From Addiction (Let go of the need for coping mechanisms)

Clear Vision & More Fulfillment from Career/Business

Serve Powerfully

Unwavering Decisiveness

Effective Powerful Leadership

You're Just One Step Away from Building the Life You Want.

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Entire Self-Study Curriculum

Weekly Coaching Videos and Exercises

Private Community

Weekly Live Group Coaching Calls

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Will This Program Work for Me?

Frequently Asked Questions about the Discovery & Design Mastermind

What type of man is the program for?

Men looking to dig deep and evolve themselves in order to have better marriages, fatherhood, careers and community involvement. Looking to make even more impact than they already have. Real, serious, purpose, legacy type impact.

Men who know something is missing from their lives. Having trouble prioritizing their lives, possibly spending too much time in or on their busiensses and their marriages are suffering. Or they are get dads and husbands but they are falling short on their passion for life. Men who are struggling with the resistance inside everyday regardless of their business success. Because they are high-level, action-taking, problem-solving guys, they are frustrated that they haven't been able to solve their other challenges.

How much feedback do I receive?

Each session is jam-packed and interactive with Q&A

What makes this program different?

We provide a unique framework around aligning with your ultimate level of integrity, discipline and commitment to change you from the inside. This isn't some bullshit feel great today and back to feeling like shit tomorrow. This is a proven, battle-tested formula to make a sustainable change in your life - If you're willing to do the work.

How long will it take for me to see results?

You will start to see shifts almost immediately. When you start illuminating the areas of your life you need to work on transformation happens real fast.

What does it mean to be a Man on Purpose?

A true Man on Purpose is completely free of internal restriction and regret.

A true Man on Purpose knows his priorities and isn't afraid to take a stand for them.

A man who doesn't run from his past and understands his legacy is more than just money and things. It is about who he is in every moment.

A true Man on Purpose is a leader in his community, values moments, memories and experiences with his family, and takes great care of himself.

A true Man on Purpose has it all…

When can I start?

We have new cohorts starting all the time, so sign up now and we will get you fast-tracked into a group right away.

Check out what clients say

Have you ever had a friend who liked something they did, they pitched you on it over and over and you felt pressured to do it? Then you did it and wanted to punch your friend and yourself in the face for getting duped?

Not the case here. A good friend of mine went to the retreat and then did the mastermind to follow it up. He told me what he was doing but never pitched me on it. I just watched the results he was getting and wanted that for myself.

So I reached out to Ian and it was one of the most beneficial things I have ever done for myself. I finally learned to put myself first and make myself a priority. I learned how to be present and use the tools whenever things come up. Ian's way of putting everything into a formula is really cool. Everything in my life benefits from that and I have less anxiety about the future. "

Mohammed U.


My wife and I were heading for divorce and our family business down the tubes. I was checked out and so was she because our business & family was suffering. I tried counselors, shrinks and other coaches. None of it worked. No one was able to help me get deep enough and see the real causes of my problems. I thought if I could help my business, everything else would be fine. Through coaching with Ian, I realized it was me and committed to doing the work on me. I am happy to say that my wife and I got back together, my business is going really well. We will double last year's sales and I am happy to actually come home every night from my business and spend time on what's most important, my family.

Maurice J.

Automotive Repair Shop Owner

The guy actually does the work he is taking you through and actually uses his own exercises. He showed me many times. At first I thought that was weird but the more I thought about it I felt like that is exactly what a coach should be doing. Taking their own medicine. Walking the walk and talking the talk. I have been coaching with Ian for over 1 year now and just signed up for another round including the mastermind. The guy is constantly evolving himself.

Corey F.

Museum Air

Are you ready to be the husband, father, and leader you dream of being?

Stop compromising and take control.