4 Days of Transformation for High Achievers

The Quitters Club Retreats

You’ll know when it’s time to make a change. When you do, our retreats will guide you through the process over 4 days of transformation.

Our 4 Day Transformation Experience

Complete with coaching prior to the event and after, you’ll have an amazing retreat experience of breakthroughs and community plus get the support to make your shift and sustain it. 

Transformation on Time

We’ve run retreats for years now, and learned the art and science of leading you through an intentional, structured 4-day experience. From the deep dive workshops, the adventures we take, the food we eat, all the way to games that take our transformative exercises into application, we’ve found the right mix of fun, leisure, connection time and serious inner growth work to help you through your desired change in life.

Your Surroundings Matter

From the people around you to the food to the space, our retreats focus on putting you in a space and around people that will make the transformative work we do feel right. From luxurious homes, private chefs and amazing adventures to our pre-coaching and screening processes, we ensure that what you’re around is best for your transformation.

More Than A Weekend

When you leave most retreats, that’s it, it’s over, and you’re left with no support to apply what you learned or to get help through making changes permanent. With us, you’ll get coaching before the event so we can tailor the experience to your needs, and coaching afterwards, providing the support to make sure your breakthroughs are permanent.

Who Is It For?

These retreats are for those that are ready to go fast into the deepest parts of personal growth and transformation, eager to face the quit - elimination of the things that no longer have a place in their lives.

Retreats are highly experiential. You get to dig deep, get coaching on the spot, feel the people around you and absorb energy. It puts you in a frame of mind where you feel, sense and make change because of your surroundings. This is for you if you like to be in-person, want to be surrounded by others that are facing their quit, and are ready to invest in a deep dive over four days rather than go the slower route. With such meaningful safety in the group, you’ll be free to be as vulnerable and open as you’ve ever been, liberated to be your best self.

This is for the high performers that know they do best when they are put in the right environment, held to high standards of vulnerability, and safe to share exactly what’s going on in their life and their deepest desires. This is for the leaders that are ready to lead at a higher level, ready to quit their unfulfilling work, or ready to change the way they love, parent and live their lives.

Your time matters - and we’ve set up a proven formula for you to step out of your environment so that over 4 days, you experience transformation. Luxury spaces, private chef dinners, and meaningful adventures that we’ll connect to the workshops help you lean into the change and find peers that will be friends for life. Many of our guests set up weekly calls with other attendees for months to follow, create businesses together, partner on investment deals and share networks.

Our retreats give you the tools you need to change in the moment and provide you with post-event coaching so that you continue to have support and nurturing through your growth. The tools will work for you at the event and after - we make sure that your shifts don’t stop at the retreat itself.

And, you’ll have an amazing weekend you’ll remember forever, and you’ll walk away with an amazing group of close-knit peers too.

Current Open Retreat dates: 

September 14-18

October 13-16

January 12-15

I’m still figuring out the details of my future self, but I already feel so incredibly aligned with that future self I’m identifying. This is some powerful shit!