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He gave me permission and support to believe in myself and what I truly wanted to do with my life and my marriage. I stripped the parts that didn’t make sense to me anymore and live a very happy life today that feels truly aligned. I can make decisions from a place of confidence & courage, not fear and now my family & the world are benefitting.

Christian S  London, England

I am a part of The Irreplaceable Man community and I watched a video Ian posted about your life being a sentence or a statue. It really hit home. I wasn’t living the life I really wanted, my marriage was a wreck and I was lying to myself about it being everyone else’s fault. I felt trapped. I ended up going through the VMP program and then signed up for the Mastermind. I found the part of my life that was missing and it supercharged everything. Today I am happily married with an incredible wife who loves and supports me unconditionally. 

Scott M  Newport, RI

Everything seemed like it was falling apart except for how I made money. My marriage, my body, my life. I needed something to help me quickly and a friend told me about The Irreplaceable Man Mastermind. After going through the program, I have the marriage I had always wanted but was afraid to ask for. Plus I’m spending 10 more hours with my kids every week!

Madison G  Miami, FL

✅ Action Items, Exercises & Questions to begin your journey.

✅ Know you are not alone. 

✅ Gain the Clarity, Confidence & Courage to execute on your plan. 

✅ Structure, Strategies and Support to get sustainable traction quickly. 

✅ Proven to ensure sustainable change 

✅ Gain a deep understanding of the foundational pieces that drive your results in your marriage

✅ Gain clarity and direction for the next steps to take in each area of your marriage & life

✅ Learn to trust yourself and your spouse fully

✅ Lifetime access

My wife and I were heading for divorce and our family business down the tubes. I was checked out and so was she because our business was suffering. I tried counselors, shrinks and other coaches. None of it worked. No one was able to help me get deep enough and see the real causes of my problems. I thought if I could help my business, everything else would be fine. Through coaching with Ian, I realized I needed to help me first and committed to doing the work on me. I am happy to say that my wife and I got back together and we were able to turn our business around. We will double last year’s sales and I am happy to actually come home every night and spend time on what’s most important, my family.

Kevin S  Seattle, WA